Charity simultaneous chess exhibitions for a good cause: Over the board and online

Unfortunately, it is in the nature of human beings to engage in warlike acts again and again, and as a result many people suffer. As if it were not enough that nature itself contributes through numerous events such as earthquake disasters. 

Two of the most acute situations in the vicinity of Europe where people are suffering are: In Ukraine due to the war, and in the Turkey/Syria border area due to numerous earthquakes. 

Of course, such things do not leave chess players unscathed. Fortunately, the occasional ‘slip-up’ for which a club player is unintentionally responsible on the 64 squares is, at worst, only of consequence for his/her team and are, of course, only microscopic disasters compared to the above, are also usually forgotten again after a short time. 

Founded in 2000 by turkish originated chess friends, the Intercultural Chess Club Satranç Club 2000  with members from all over the world stands for lived mutual integration and puts the motto of the World Chess Federation “Gens una sumus” into practice.

They are open to chess friends of all nations, playing levels and ages. Some of the members have recently had to worry about relatives and friends due to wars and natural disasters. This is one of the reasons why the club occasionally does something good within its means.

The association, like many others, had already organised simultaneous events before the pandemic. This time, it was decided to hold a classic “over-the-board” simultaneous and an online simultaneous and to donate all the proceeds to humanitarian causes for people from Ukraine or earthquake victims in the Turkish/Syrian border region. 

The first simultaneous took place in March 2023 at the Satranç Club, with Fernando Braga, Italian IM of Argentinian origin, resident in Cologne, with 3 GM norms. He played at the Satranç Club venue in Cologne, Germany, accompanied by his wife Maria Enriqueta Granero. This was a classic chessboard simultaneous. 

The second simultaneous took place online in April 2023, with 20-year-old GM Mahammad Muradli, two-time Azerbaijani Champion, former U12 World Champion and U16 Chess Olympiad winner.  The tournament was played on Lichess. The choice for the provider was easy this time because (according to its own information after enquiries) does not yet offer a mature simultaneous possibility.

Both strong players lost only against one opponent per simul and all participants were happy about this opportunity! 

Other title holders have already contacted the Satranç Club and would like to hold more events.

Such events are also recommendable for other chess clubs, we think. Besides the satisfying feeling of having done something good, this is also a very positive form of public relations. If other associations need tips on how to organise such events, we are happy to help at: .


Satranç Club 2000 e. V. 



Maria Enriqueta Granero

Satranç Club 2000 e. V.

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Recording of the online event on Twitch in the channel:

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